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Gustav’s Aftermath

Five days after Hurricane Gustav made landfall the estimated damages are up to 10 billion dollars. This is a lot lower than originally expected because as the hurricane moved over land it fortunately went from a category 4 to a … Continue reading

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Mapping out the cost of living – distance most traveled

I have helped many people choose new places to live and work, a real estate choice is a big decision to make. The first thing I do is make a list of the places that people travel most often. For … Continue reading

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Peace of mind and saving money with insurance check up

This is something that I make all of my clients do, and everyone should do it at least once a year. Look into your insurance. Are you paying for insurance that you really don’t need? I was paying for earthquake … Continue reading

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Save time and money – calculate your mortgage options

Most people I have talked to know that they can pay off a mortgage in 15 years instead of 30 by paying extra money each month, but most people do not do it. When friends are looking to buy real … Continue reading

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